Simplicity at its finest is NOT what i would depict how my life was, nor would i suggest the continuation of my naivety however, as my life escalates into complexity, i hope to keep my optimistic hindsight on life in order to live. Just live. My personal ordeal is to live with no regrets, as though i will die tomorrow. I follow the path that will lead me to who I want to be: someone who people can confide in, to go to when they are in their deepest hour; that's who I want to be. That is my aim in life. Hobbies and interests make my path more flamboyant and enticing, while my family, pet, and friends are the reasons for my existence; the reasons why i try and improve myself. My lack of self motivation for change may be quite obvious, but it doesn't mean that improvement did not occur. It may be so petite, so small, that it's practically invisible, but i guarantee you, i do try. Indefinitely.


Monday, 21 November 2011


Y by Super Junior

[Yesung] Mmm~ Oh yeah, ah~ Oh yeah~

[Donghae] neol bomyeon (nan) useumman (nawa) sujubeun misokkajido yeah
nal boneun ne nunbicheun seulpeun geol hoksi ibyeoreul malharyeogo hani baby

[Sungmin] maeilgachi tto banbokdoel
[Ryeowook] nae moseube neoneun geurido jichyeonneunji
[Yesung] nal yongseohagenni
[Sungmin] dasi hanbeon deo saenggakhae
[Ryeowook] saenggakhaejullae ijeneun nochi anheulge

[All] neoreul ullin geon
[Sungmin] naega baboraseo
[All] neoreul bonaen geon naega
[Sungmin] naega bujokhaeseo neol
[All] jiuryeo haetdeon
[Leeteuk] geureon nareul yongseohae ([All] jwo nal)
jebal dasi sumeul swil su itge

[Kyuhyun] neol bomyeon (nan) nunmuri (heulleo)
nareul baboro mandeuneun neo yeah (deuneun neo yeah)
hoksirado ne mam byeonhal ttae doraol gire naega seo isseulge baby

[Shindong] junbihaetdeon ne ibyeori
[Yesung] naegeneun jigeum jugeul geot gachi apa
[Leeteuk] sigani jinado
[Shindong] ajik neoreul bonaegien
[Yesung] bonaegieneun hae julge neomu manheunde woo yeah

[All] neoreul ullin geon
[Siwon] naega baboraseo
[All] neoreul bonaen geon
[Siwon] naega bujokhaeseo neol
[All] jiuryeo haetdeon
[Eunhyuk] geureon nareul yongseohae jwo nal
[Ryeowook] jebal dasi sumeul swil su itge

[Eunhyuk] yo unh, eodiseobuteo yaegihalkka eonjebuteonga mworalkka sojunghamiran geol irheogatjanha (mal an haedo aljanha)
geundeyo, geudaeyeo uri hamkkeyeotdeon ilbun ilchoga
nunbusige areumdapdeon yeppeun misoga, geuriwo ne mame kkok dakil
nae seulpeun gidoga, i bissogeul jina hoksi bol su isseulkka

[Donghae] naega jigeum neomu apa, nega tteonan jigeumi nan neomu apa
mwoga iri himdeunji, maeil bam nan neol saenggakhae
harurado an hamyeon nae mami buranhan geol neon ani, heum, ani
moreugetji ireon nal al riga eobtji
neodo gakkeum nae saenggagi nandamyeon, geu ttae neon doraomyeon dwae

[Kyuhyun] saranghandan mal ([Yesung] woah yeah yeah)
[Sungmin] ne hyanghae haneun mal
[Kyuhyun] bogo sipdan mal
[Leeteuk] neol ango sipeun mal ([Yesung] neol ango sipeun mal) ojik han saram
[Ryeowook] neoreul jikigo sipeo
[Kyuhyun] dasi (naege) dorawa jul neoreul wihae ([Yesung] dorawa)

Sorry for the lack of blog posts for the last one and a half months!!! I've been overloaded with work, university exams and assignments and personal issues. I hope to come back to blogging on a regular basis again =D. Please be patient with me and thanks for reading my posts =D. Please enjoy this song, it's one of my favourite songs from my favourite band =). The lyrics was written by Donghae, a member of Super Junior and almost all of the current available members sing this song =). Oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE =D !!!  

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


You read that right =D !!! After years of looking for jobs, doing volunteer work to kill time and doing jobs that are only temporary, I have finally scored myself a casaul/part time job at Merrylands RSL Club. This is all thanks to Kelly, for telling me about the job, and Adrian, for being my referee =D. Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited =D !!! I kow it's not going to be easy since the exams are coming up, my assignments period is still not over and I have 2 weeks worth of clinical placements right after the end of the semester, but hopefully I can stick to the job and not get fired or something >.< !!! If you ever pass the RSL club, remember to come visit me =D. I'm doing customer service (I think? =S).

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

At Bankstown RSL

2OO911 - Anna X.'s 21st Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA =D !!!

Hey everyone, I'm terribly sorry for not updating my blog lately because 1. I had an assignment due every week (I still do, b ut I have a midsem break next week, so I can take it a bit easier now... hopefully) and 2. because of reason 1., I haven't been going out lately. Anyways, let's get on with the blogging =D. 

So last Sunday, my friends and I went to Bankstown RSL Club, organized by Derek. The price for the buffet was a bit more experensive than most RSL buffets. I think it was because of the sushi =P. Unfortunately, I ddin't really get the chance to get anything I ike, but Mimi aws kind enough to share a piece of her eel sushi with me =).It took us a while before we started eating because we were waiting for Yibo to become a member. Unfortunately, Yibo wasn't having a good day with his car. He accidentally carashed his car while going home to get his forgotten wallet. Poor guy =(.

I felt stupid for buying the refill cup ... I could've used the tea cups they provided instead! I felt ilke I wasted $2.50 for nothign =.=. I couuld've used that money fo buy snacks the next time I went out or something! Anyways, the food was nice, but I thought the seafood wasn't so great. Although it felt and tasted cold, it didn't look or taste fresh at all =/. 

Unfortunately, we were kind of kciked out of the buffet as well because they closed at 9:00PM.  I felt bad for not being able to finish my dish of desserts but I managed to taste a bit of everything. Poor Derek; he was in the middle of eating and was about to dig into another plate of food (yes, he had lots of plates of food around him =D) but the waiter took it away. I thought that was quite rude =/. 

When we left, we loitered around the car park, just talking and playing around. We even had a good exercise by pushing a car. Kenny put his car on nuetral so we decided to see who was strong; Yibo and Thanh at the back and Kenny, Mimi, Carmen and I at the front. I thought we were pretty even =D. Mind you, we also had to push the car with Eric, Derek, Wendy and Sarah inside it! 

Around 10PM, we all decided to go home. Since I drove Mimi there, I drove her home, as well as Thanh. While we were putting our seat belts on, we watched Yibo accidentally hitting the column with his rear. Seriously, it was definitely a bad day for Yibo and his car xO! Yibo was okay, but his poor car... 
I had a good night eating and catching up with people =). thanks for inviting me Derek =).